Advice for Beach Goers During Hurricane Season

Lynchburg, VA - As Tropical Storm Arthur approaches beachfront areas, travel consultants have advice for those planning beach vacations this summer.

If you're planning to go to the beach during hurricane season travel consultants say take out the travel insurance to cover storms. Once a storm is named, like Arthur, it's too late.

"You can't assume that just because a tropical depression is going to spin up the Eastern seaboard, and come close to the area that you're going to that you cannot show up and get all your money back," said Laura Tyree, a consultant at Travel Lovers. "You can never make that assumption. If the hotel or resort is still open and doing business they would expect people to show up."

Tyree says even if the place you're planning to visit has to be evacuated, don't assume the hotel will call you. You need to be proactive and call ahead before leaving home.