Actor Kirk Cameron Takes on Facebook

Lynchburg, VA - Actor Kirk Cameron teamed up with Liberty University to create his latest Christian film. But, they hit a roadblock recently on Facebook.

The movie's called Unstoppable, a story about a child diagnosed with cancer. And, according to Cameron's Facebook page, when he tried posting the trailor to Facebook, the social media giant stopped him, labeling the content as "spam," a "scam," "unsafe" and "deceptive."

Liberty calls this "alarming." Cameron protested online, fans backed him, and Friday afternoon Cameron posted "victory" on Facebook. The trailor is now posted. But, for LU, a partner in this movie, the whole debacle's disappointing.

"Even if it were a controversial movie, what does Facebook have to do with blocking someone from promoting their own product on their own page. I think that's a question that if it turns out to be true - as it seems it might be - that should be alarming to lots of people," said Johnnie Moore, LU, Spokesperson.

"Unstoppable" will open September 24th with a special premier at Liberty.