ACLU Tells Jails to Ignore ICE Requests

Lynchburg, VA - The ACLU wants Virginia jails to ignore requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold inmates longer than their sentences.

The organization sent letters to jail administrators, sheriffs, and corrections officials saying ICE detainers violate the fourth amendment and due process rights. The letter says constitutional protections aren't just for American citizens.

Blue Ridge Regional Jail Administrator Timothy Trent says the jail will continue to honor requests from ICE unless the Attorney General says not to.

"They will issue a detainer. The detainer will go into the inmate's folder. It will be flagged in RJMS which is a jail management system and it will let us know that there is a detainer on file and when this subject completes his sentence to notify ICE," said Trent.

Once a sentence is completed, ICE has 48 hours to pick up an inmate, before the jail releases that inmate.