Accused NRV Mall Shooter Waives Hearing

Christiansburg, VA - The 19-year old man accused of wounding two women during an attack on the New River Community College annex in the NRV Mall, was in court for a preliminary hearing that was waived.

At the hearing the defense stipulated that there was enough evidence to convince a judge to send the case forward.

Neil MacInnis was in court for no more than a few minutes as the judge signed off on the motion that will send the charges before a grand jury in October.

Had the preliminary hearing gone forward, we would have seen the prosecution lay out just enough convincing evidence; evidence that is likely already known to the public due to the public nature of the crime.

On April 12 MacInnis was arrested just outside of the mall still carrying the shotgun he allegedly used in the attack.

MacInnis told police he was "having a bad week" after the shooting. He faces 48 years in prison for the four counts against him, which include two malicious wounding charges and two charges of using a firearm in commission of a felony.