Defense Attorney Requests Jail Transfer for Christopher Speight

Reporter: Jeremy Mills

Appomattox Co., VA - Mass-murder suspect Christopher Speight could soon be moving to a jail near Richmond.{}

Speight's defense attorney has requested a transfer from the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Lynchburg to a facility in New Kent County.

The defense team claims the move will put their client closer to them in Richmond and save thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

Appomattox County Commonwealth's Attorney Darrel Puckett tells us he's opposed to the move because it will cost the county extra to move Speight back and forth for hearings.

The judge is still considering the motion.

Speight was arrested January 20, 2010{}a day after the shooting deaths at the home he shared with his sister, her husband and their two children. Those family members were among the victims.

The shootings prompted an all-night manhunt in the woods surrounding Speight's home. He surrendered the next morning.