Accreditation Report on Virginia Public Schools

A new report shows 93 % of Virginia public schools fully accredited. That's down from 96 % last year.

Officials believe that's due in part to more rigorous math tests.

The report says 90 % of high schools meet full accreditation standards, up from 86 % last year when the state first included high school graduation and completion among its accountability measures.

Also, 88 % of middle schools and 96 % of elementary schools are fully accredited.

In Lynchburg, Heritage Elementary, Sandusky Middle and Dunbar Middle were accredited with warning. The same goes for Woodberry Hill Elementary in Danville and William Fleming High School in Roanoke.

The Lynchburg City School system already has some new programs in place to get all schools accredited. This school year, there are new math programs at all levels. Also, all 16 schools are working on school improvement plans, regardless of their accreditation status.