ACA Working for Lynchburg Woman

Lynchburg, VA - We've heard a lot about the problems with and enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

But more people have been logging on to the web site and successfully signing up for health insurance coverage.

A local woman is among them. She eventually got enrolled, and is glad she did.

Patricia Braxton is a very happy person. She's the Pastor at Change Me Ministries in Lynchburg and Director of the Bright Hope Learning Center inside.

"We do five years old to high school," Braxton said.

She tends to always look on the bright side.

But, when Braxton first tried signing up for insurance at, she got nothing but long waits and computer errors.

"It just kept rolling and rolling and rolling," Braxton said. "So I just logged off."

She was determined to try again.

On December 1, she did and says the process was actually fairly easy.

"'Patricia, it asks you. What would you like to do?'" Braxton repeated.

Some 45 minutes after logging on, Braxton had her new healthcare plan lined up.

"It tells me my tax credit. And I'm paying more than my tax credit," Braxton said. "[It] tells me which plan I'm enrolled in. I'm ecstatic!"

She's ecstatic, because it's going to save her a lot of money. Braxton's old plan cost her $219 per month and didn't cover dental.

The new plan will save her about $119 a month.

Braxton says that's money she can use She has plenty of education and is considering going for a Masters Degree in education.

Braxton spends most of her time at a non-profit, teaching children, however.

"We try to reinforce reading and math, and spelling, vocabulary," Braxton explained. "When I see these kids, when they come in, I never see failure. I always see the potential."

Braxton's enthusiasm shows even if it's sometimes difficult to make ends meet.

Now, she's ready to see the dentist again.

"That's a big deal!" Braxton declared.

She plans to move forward with health coverage, and have a little more money left over at the end of each month.

"It may not work for everybody, but it's affordable for me," Braxton said.

Braxton says she hasn't seen a dentist since 2012.

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