ABC13 Investigation Into Danville Utilities Overtime Hours

Danville, VA -- A former employee at Danville Utilities is facing felony charges that stem from alleged improper overtime submissions. On Monday, a grand jury indicted 48-year-old Henry Willis Bowen III on three counts of grand larceny. ABC13 found these alleged crimes could be much more widespread and potentially involve many more people. We have obtained the overtime records for the last several years for all Danville Utilities employees. The average employee over the last few years clocked only about 3 hours a week. But these documents indicate some have been getting paid for hundreds if not thousands of overtime hours per year.According to the information provided to us by the city's Human Resources Department, Henry Willis Bowen made $90,383 in 2010, after claiming 1,862.75 hours of overtime. That averages out to nearly 36 hours of overtime per week.Bowen, formerly an Electric Meter Technician at the Utilities Department should have made about $38,000 a year, before any overtime. In 2011, Bowen took home $79,479.62, claiming 1,459.75 hours of overtime. The next year, he made $72,464.12, again, much of it through overtime. And in 2013, Bowen made $76,288.99.In a press release, Danville police say Bowen's grand larceny charges stem from improper overtime submissions for this year and last. The department terminated Bowen in May. But he wasn't even puling in the most overtime hours for the department. Again, we combed through the records, and found in 2013, a total of six Danville Utilities employees claimed more than a 1,000 hours in overtime. That's taxpayer money.According to the city, the next level supervisor approves any overtime. The current Danville Utilities Interim Director has been in that position for just 4 months.Full statement from Deputy City Manager Ken Larking: The Danville Police Department continues to investigate suspicious activity among certain work groups in the Danville Utilities Department. It is inappropriate for me or other staff members to speak about an ongoing criminal investigation. It is important to us that we not hinder the investigation and jeopardize our ability to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. We plan to be as transparent as we can about this investigation while not inhibiting the ability of our Police Department to get all the facts and take appropriate action. As we are able, we will continue to provide additional information.
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