ABC 13's David Tate's Family Survives Tornado Outbreak

Van Buren, IN - The death toll is at eight from Sunday's devastating tornado outbreak.

ABC 13's own David Tate has family that lives in one of the areas hit by the tornadoes Sunday afternoon.

Tate's Aunt and Uncle, and several cousins, live in the Kokomo area.

The damage from the area is extensive, from one of at least two tornadoes that touched down in north central Indiana.

Fortunately, Tate's family was not in the path of the storm, but the damage in the area was not limited to the tornado zones.

Tate's parents live in rural Van Buren, Indiana, about 45 miles east of Kokomo.

The Tate family got the residuals of the storm, which nearly forced them to employ their emergency plan at one point Sunday.

Their home was not damaged, but several trees around were uprooted and snapped off.

Some 70,000 people in the area were without power at one point, including Tate's parents, who are now going into their second night with no electricity.

"When we saw the one come down here we looked out the side window and then we saw the big out by the pond crashed down. And that's the one that when you look from the road it looks like 9-11 when you look up toward our barn and see that off to the right," Tate's father, Robert Tate said over the phone Monday.

Most people in the area should have their power back sometime Wednesday night. The power is something Tate's father is looking forward to as he needs a C-Pap machine to get a good sleep.

ABC 13 realizes many more in the area were not as fortunate and our thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected.