ABC 13's Angela Hatcher Gives Viewers a First-Hand Look at Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach, France - ABC 13's Angela Hatcher was in France Friday to cover the 70th Anniversary of D-Day for our area. Angela interviewed living veterans from D-Day and told their stories through her reporting. Hatcher took to her personal camera to share a bit of her adventure, a surreal piece of video to watch when you think about what was happening in the same spot she shot the video 70 years ago. In her video, she explains her surroundings. "Hi everyone, It's Angela and we are here on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France and I want to go ahead and give you a look here. That is what Omaha Beach looks like overlooking the English Channel. This is of course where the Bedford Boys Company A of the 116th landed on D-Day. 19 of those brave young men died here on this beach June 6, 1944. So that is Omaha Beach," Hatcher documented for ABC 13. We commend Angela for her dedication to reporting this important story.
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