ABC 13 Viewers Capture Roanoke City Flooding

Flooding on Williamson Road. Courtesy: The Roanoke Civic Center Facebook page.

Cover photo: Lila Nieves Lee

Roanoke, VA - As if the heavy rain and flooding fears a week ago weren't enough, Roanoke residents were again caught in the middle of a major flash flood Wednesday afternoon.

Many of our ABC 13 viewers took to their digital cameras and cell phones, sending in photos of the flooding to our newsroom.

In today's fast-paced world of social media, the photos prove valuable to meteorologists, because they help verify what is actually happening on the ground.

Safety, however, should remain top priority, according to ABC 13 Chief Meteorologist Sean Sublette.

"As tempting as it is to get close to the action, remember to stay at a safe distance from moving flood waters, Sublette said. "Never take pictures while driving, and always remember that your life is more important that getting a picture out for people to see. You don't know what's in the water to begin with. Always practice safety."

We appreciate all of your flooding pictures, but as Sean said, be careful out there.

If you have flooding pictures that you were safely able to take, you can send them to: .

-ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton