ABC 13 Meteorologist Thanks First Responders, Viewers, On Anniversary of Near-Fatal Accident

Singleton, surrounded by his parents Johnny, left, and mother, Dee on the right.

Roanoke, VA - One year later after almost dying in a head-on collision in Bedford County, ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton returned to the ICU ward of Roanoke Memorial Hospital to thank the nurses and staff that came to his aid.

State police say Singleton crossed the center line of Route 122 on February 19, 2013 while on his way to work. His Eclipse crashed head-on into a Schwan's delivery truck,

"I think about those guys every single day," Singleton said of the two men in the truck in an on-air interview on ABC 13.

Singleton wrote about his surprise trip Tuesday night to Roanoke Memorial in a Facebook post. We're included his post and testimony below:

"One year later, I'm still putting the pieces together. Went to go visit a dear friend at RMH (get better!) and on my way up decided the eve of the anniversary day of my accident would be a good time to meet some of the wonderful people that took care of me and did nothing short of saving my life...

So, I wandered up to the floor I was told I was on (I don't remember anything from the hospital). Got to the ICU/trauma entrance. Locked. Oh well. Then a nurse came out and asked if I needed anything. I told her I was just wanting thank the nurses who had put up with me a year ago, and she let me in. As I walked around the circle of ICU curtains, I felt a strange and odd sense of familiarity.

Then all of these nurses.

There faces unfamiliar to me, but I knew they HAD to have been there that week. So when one asked me if she could help me, I just grinned ear to ear and said "I think you might have saved my life a year ago...' I felt comfortable going back there. Immediately came this very strange feeling of knowing someone that's been a part of your life but at the same time not knowing them...

I told them what I remembered. They told me what they remembered: mainly, that I was giving them weather reports everyday (more than likely, random weather reports). I didn't pay attention to where I was standing, I just stopped when I saw them.

I was probably about halfway across the rooms. One of the nurses said "you're standing right in front of your room - that's where you were - right behind you."


I said my thank you's and got to hug one on my way out, happy to have been given another year to live, and the chance to meet the people that were given the gift by God to do it. As I left the ICU, I heard a loud, screeching, alert over Carilion's loud speaker: "ATTENTION: TRAUMA ARRIVAL: GOLD - IN ONE MINUTE".... As I wiped away the tears of joy with the experience I had just been through, I could here the staff preparing to save yet another life.

Without a blink.

Thank you, Moneta Fire Department. Bedford Co. Fire/Rescue, the entire staff on the 9th floor ICU, and at Carilion, the therapists, coworkers, friends. my family, sister, mom and dad and God above."