ABC 13 Cameras Catch Unruly Arrest in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Officers with the Lynchburg Police Department were arresting one woman Tuesday afternoon who certainly made an impression. Her screams echoed up and down Court Street.

"I heard this ungodly screaming. I thought someone was being either tortured or murdered or whatever," said Ed Koepenick.

Instead, it was four Lynchburg police officers trying to take a 25-year-old woman into custody.

Captain Ryan Zuidema says Dorothy Stephens was wanted on four outstanding warrants, coincidentally for using obscene language over the phone. But after getting into this scuffle with police, they also charged her with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and assaulting a law enforcement officer, which is a felony.

"These officers, as best I can see from watching the video, did everything they should have done correctly. They were concerned obviously for the safety of the woman," said Zuidema.

Captain Zuidema says his officers didn't use any tasers. They're trained to stay calm in this kind of situation, to keep it from escalating even more.

But from a bystander's perspective, it wasn't easy.

"I thought they did a fabulous job. I would have been like, what's with this woman? I would have tased her or something," said Koepenick.

The police department says the goal is always to use the minimum amount of force needed to make an arrest. But on Tuesday, getting a woman kicking and screaming into the paddywagon required extra manpower and something to treat a headache.

The whole scenario lasted about 15 minutes. Police say once Stephens got to the jail, she was still screaming.

At last check, she's being held on $5,000 bond.