Danner Evans Participates in "Read for the Record"

Lynchburg, VA- The daily book reading at one Lynchburg pre-school was extra special on Tuesday.

ABC 13 News Anchor Danner Evans read 'The Lady Bug Girl and the Bug Squad' to these kids in honor of the 'Read for the Record' campaign.

The campaign seeks to encourage reading and literacy among kids. Every year celebrities and locals all read the same book to kids across the country. The kids here at the First Presbyterian Weekday School' loved the book about bugs, and friendship. School officials say reading to your kids is a great way to introduce new words, and sentences.

"Reading is so important to the children. They get their early literacy kids. It's time for the parents to bond with their child in the evening or in the morning," said Marie Daughtery, Director of the First Presbyterian Weekday School.

The national 'Read for the Record' Day is this Thursday.