Abandoned Horse Now for Sale in Amherst Co.

Amherst Co., VA - An update to that abandoned horse found in Amherst County. You may remember, the Sheriff's Office seized it after it could not track the owner down. The Stallion horse was found a few weeks ago on Boxwood Farm Road. Well Tuesday, an Amherst County judge awarded the animal to the county. Now it is up to them to find a good home for the horse nicknamed, "Charlie." They are taking bids.

"We will post notices and advertise the horse. On Monday, March 11th, we will open any sealed bids we've got, and select an owner for the horse," said Lt. Greg Turner.

The top bidder will be interviewed by Animal Control to ensure they are a good fit for the horse. The Sheriff's Office says Charlie has racked up a care bill of about $500. If the winning bid is more than $500, the Sheriff's Office says the additional money will go to the Virginia Literary Fund.

To find out how to bid, or to schedule a time to view the horse, call 434-946-9378.