AAA: Potholes Resulting From Snow And Ice Wreak Havoc On Vehicles

Danville, VA - According to Triple A, the recent wintry weather has led to an increase in the amount of pothole related damage to cars.

The auto association says they have responded to 9,000 tire-related calls in January and February.
Of those calls, 4,000 were the direct result of potholes.
As winter continues to pummel our area, local auto shops have been seeing more cars coming in with weather-related damage than usual.
"It has been a lot more of knocking, and clunks and clanks, irregular tire wear, cars pulling one way or another. A lot of times it is a direct result of roads because of the weather conditions, " said Lawrence Woodson, owner of Woodson Marathon & Auto Repair.
Woodson says the best way to protect your car is to take it to an auto shop before the bad weather hits to make sure your undercarriage and tires are in good shape.