A Realistic Look at New Year's Resolutions

Lynchburg, VA - Like every New Year, 2013 has seen millions of Americans make their New Year's resolution.

They can be hard to stick to though, and we have the stats to prove it.

Whether you came into 2013 wanting to lose weight, get closer to friends or family, or save some money, we wanted to learn which resolutions are most popular, and, if people stick to them.

With a new year come new resolutions.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Scranton, each year, about 45% of Americans make resolutions.

And 2013 is no exception...

"I decided to do the Daniel fast for 21 days" said one woman. "Lose weight, be better with finances" said another. "I made a resolution to not do what I did in 2012. I got sick a lot in 2012" said one man.

"Succeed; graduate this year" was another. "To not shave for the first month or so" was also a resolution.

You name it; people have resolved to do it this year.

According to that same University of Scranton study, the top five resolutions Americans make, are staying fit and healthy, enjoying life to the fullest, spending less and saving more, getting organized, and by far number one, to lose weight.

"My New Year's resolution for 2013 was to lose some weight" said one woman.

That same study though, found that only 8% of Americans succeed in achieving their resolution.

A reality some we encountered, have embraced.

"I usually just don't because usually I just don't keep them anyway" said one man.

"In the past years I've failed. So I'm just hoping that I can do it without making a resolution" said one woman.

And that is good advice. Experts say, make small changes and don't set any expectations too high.

Try to make overall healthy changes. Eating healthier for example, is always a better and easier resolution than say, trying to drop 50 pounds.