A New Look at St. Andrew's Church Restoration in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - It would be nearly impossible to drive into Roanoke lately and not notice the massive amounts of scaffolding surrounding one of the city's most endearing landmarks. Wayne Gold is Operations Manager at St. Andrew's.Considering all that has to go into this... he's feeling good that the job is moving along with little trouble. "From our standpoint it's just a maintenance issue that we just couldn't reach with a step ladder," Gold said. "It looks more promising of what we anticipated that we couldn't see from actually being up here." Behind the scaffolding, the workers have removed the slate and copper from the steeples. One thousand pound stone blocks also need to be moved around. Mark Jackson is project manager. "We're building it back the way it was. Exactly the way it was. Using the same historic lime mortars as they did back then. The same brick from the same quarries. The same slate from the same slate quarries," Jackson said. "We have strict guidelines. We have to put back exactly what we take off," Gold said. It's all just the prep work before the steeples themselves are lowered to the ground. "I think the only thing everybody will see is just a new shinny penny up here until, you know, the copper oxidizes a little bit... it will look the same," Gold explained. The next big event on the schedule for the restoration will be when the crane comes in to lower the steeples. The equipment should be moving in on June 9 or June 10 with the actual removal set, weather permitting, June 11.