A New Adventure by Matt Ferguson

Vermont Lake

Earlier this month my fiance Betsy and I took a trip to Rutland, Vermont (her hometown.) This was our second vacation together to the Green Mountain State. We plan to make the journey at least once a year so we can visit her family and childhood friends.

After eating delicious New England home cooked meals by her mother and enjoying locally made Vermont maple syrup and Cabot cheese, it doesn't take much convincing to bring me back each year!

Snow skiing is outstanding in Vermont! Her parents live only 30 minutes from Killington Mountain too. I love to ski and last year we did, but this year we both were sick and when we began feeling better it turned brutally cold - so we didn't make it.

Speaking of cold, YES it was cold during our visit; however like the rest of the nation, this has been a mild winter there as well!

Since we didn't snow ski, we did some sightseeing and I got to see and do some things for the first time ever.

Growing up in North Carolina, I seldom saw ponds and lakes freeze over. When they would you were told NEVER to walk on the ice! Well in Vermont during the winter months there are usually no worries of thin ice - even this warm winter. We visited Lake Bomoseen and we were able to walk out on the icy lake, a first time for me. Ice fishing is very popular there, in the photo (behind us,) you can see a fisherman hoping to catch some dinner.

We took a trip east on highway 4 to see the quaint town of Woodstock and the Quechee Gorge near the New Hampshire state line. On the way, I saw a couple of Vermont covered bridges for the first time. They were the ones you would see in calendars and paintings.

The Vermont Country Store is an essential stop for many tourists, and Betsy's dad took us for a visit and lunch. From Rutland traveling south and east you drive straight up into the Green Mountain National Forest, which was gorgeous! As you head down the mountains you arrive in Westin, where one of the Vermont Country Stores is located. This store is unique in that they have everything you need and everything you don't need as well!

Last year there was a foot of snow on the ground when we arrived and over two feet of snow had fallen before we left. This year there was far less snow, but we did get to enjoy some of the white stuff from time to time during the visit!