A Look Back at Winter 2012-2013

Lynchburg, VA - This winter we've certainly had our fair share of wicked weather.

Now, we're taking a look back at this winter, and showing you how it ranks in severity.

It seemed pretty regularly snow was in this season's forecast. So it may surprise you that this winter will go down as a mild one. But not before some late season snow, expected this weekend.

It may be spring, but winter's not leaving without a fight.

And snow it seems has been a regular occurrence in the Hill City, all season.

But it turns out, it wasn't all that much.

In fact, this winter is ten inches short of Lynchburg's average annual snow fall.

"2009, 2010, we saw over 30 inches of snow which was way above average. But ever since then we've been below average with snow" said ABC 13 Meteorologist Lyndsay Tapases.

Tapases says temperatures were also lower than average. February and March both colder than normal.

And as for this late season snow, it isn't unusual.

"We didn't see any in December this year. Looking back over some of the past data, it's kind of split" she said.

This weekend will likely be the last snow of the season.

But even with below average accumulation, for meteorologists, this season has proven to be a challenge.

"Ironically enough, the bigger events and the bigger storms are actually easier to forecast sometimes than these mixed precipitation type events that only put down an inch or two of sleet or snow, they're harder to forecast, a little bit more frustrating for us" said Tapases.

So say goodbye for good to this winter hopefully after this weekend.

Although, Tapases said Lynchburg did have an April snow storm that left us with a few inches back in 1959; so never say never.