A Little Star by My Heart by Lauren Compton

I'm not good at accessories, but there is one piece of jewelry I can't live without. It is simple, not extremely trendy, flashy or expensive. I'm sure many of you have seen me wear it on-air. It is a little silver star necklace that my father gave to me.

The star necklace was a birthday gift, and it reminds me of the amazing father that helped me reach the dreams I live today. As a Navy brat, I watched my father leave on big ships for months at a time. We moved four times in my childhood. In between leaving, moving and settling in my dad and I didn't get to know each other. I grew up most of adolescence not really understanding my dad.

For my 21st birthday my dad offered to take me on a week trip to LA - my dream vacation. What I didn't realize was the greater gift would be getting to know my Dad.

For five days we went sightseeing and took photos of the glamorous city. I had my first drink with my Dad. Along the way my Dad opened up to me about his journeys in the Navy and I shared with him my dreams. It was the beginning of a close bond.

He bought me the silver star, and said, "You can be the star you want to be." It was such a special gift. It filled me with so much joy that he believed in me that much. That's why I always wear that necklace. It reminds me of how much my folks believe in me and my amazing father who I can now say I know.

Happy Father's Day Pops, I love you. I thank God for you and mom every day.