A Little About Me by Carleigh Griffeth


I'm Carleigh Griffeth and I'm just starting at WSET. I'm originally from Virginia, but I'm sure most of you haven't heard of my small town. I grew up in quiet city of Galax, which is actually split between Grayson and Carroll Counties. It's a cute little town. Everyone knows each other and always says hi to you.

I was very active in high school. I played several sports, basketball being my favorite. I was really involved in drama and actually won several drama competitions. Although I was involved in many extracurricular activities, I always put my grades first. Academics were always most important to me. I was one of four valedictorians in my high school and graduated with honors from college.

I attended the University of Kentucky and was pretty active there as well. I joined a sorority and several clubs. I also was a member of a welcoming committee that helped freshman get through their first year of college. I majored in broadcast journalism and minored in theatre.

One thing you should definitely know about me is that I love theatre and music, especially musical theatre. I've been in lots of musicals. My favorites so far have been Oklahoma and Rent. I love to sing. I sing all the time, especially in the car. If you happen to see me enthusiastically singing along to the radio in the car, don't be afraid to laugh.

Some other quick things about me: I love to cook, specifically bake. I don't think there's an easier way to brighten someone's day than with a home-baked good. I'm also very active though. So when I bake something, I lick the bowl and then try to distribute the sweets before I devour them all myself.

I'm extremely excited to be starting my career at WSET and can't wait to get to know the city, and our viewers better. I hope you get to know me better along the way too!