A Good Race in Martinsville Benefits Everyone

Martinsville, VA -- If you watched the race at the Martinsville Speedway Sunday, you know it was not lacking excitement. From several cautions to Kurt Busch's car catching on fire, it was action packed.

When a race is that exciting, it is not just good for the fan. In fact, it is good for the Martinsville Speedway and for the city of Martinsville. That's because the better the experience the fan gets now, the better the Speedway expects to do regarding ticket sales in the fall. Plus, the weather was wonderful, which helps with the whole experience.

"I think the total experience is what we focus in, not just the event itself but from the time people arrive on our property until they leave, what can they do to entertain themselves and what can we provide to make that experience memorable," said Clay Campbell, president of Martinsville Speedway.

They also say even though Jimmie Johnson was the obvious prediction for the win, people still will want to come out next time to see if he can take home his ninth title at Martinsville.