A Bat Captured in a Danville Home Was Not Tested for Rabies

Danville, VA - A Danville woman and her children are facing a long series of rabies vaccinations after a bat got into her home.

Monday morning, the woman contacted animal control to remove the bat.
The animal was captured and released back into the wild, but a newly updated state policy says that bat should have been tested for rabies. Now as a precautionary measure, the homeowner, her two daughters and her dogs will have to be treated.
Danville Area Humane Society Director Paulette Dean said there is no way to know whether the bat came in contact with the family during the night.
"We were told by the Health Department that when a bat is in the house you must assume that it bit someone and you must assume that is was rabid, " said Dean. Danville Police have announced that they will be updating their policy to match the state's when it comes to the handling of bats.