Distress on 911 Calls as Responders Look for Baby Trapped Under SUV

Bedford Co., VA - The 911 calls from a Bedford County wreck over the weekend tell it all. You can hear the distress as a dramatic scene was unfolding along four lanes Friday night. Route 460 in Bedford County was shut down while rescue workers searched for a baby that was thrown from an SUV. The baby was later found under the vehicle.

The dispatchers couldn't see the crash scene, but in a way, they were the first eyes and ears in the search for that baby. Bedford 911 took several calls from the scene and dispatchers were able to relay that information to those arriving to help.

Dispatcher: "Hello? Hold on. Hello? Bedford 911."

The first 2 minutes 47 seconds went something like that. A dispatcher asking a frantic woman, just involved in a rollover crash, for information. Then finally...

Caller: "There's two babies in the car."

Dispatcher: "There's two babies in the car?"

Caller: "Yes."

It was around 9 p.m. Friday, and as one Bedford County dispatcher talked to that woman, another was relaying information to a medic unit on the way to Route 460 near Nester Road.

Dispatcher: "We're being advised that both of the babies are trapped in the car."

Then it's back to the other line - the woman in the crash.

Caller: "We're missing one. "We don't know where the newborn baby is."

Dispatcher: "You can't find the other baby correct?"

Caller: "No we can't."

Dispatcher to deputy: "She's saying that the babies are now out of the car, but they are not able to find one of the babies."

Dispatchers take six calls from passersby...

Caller: "The baby I think is in the car seat, strapped upside down. The baby's crying, so I know the baby's alive."

At they same time, dispatchers are communicating with deputies, EMTs and firefighters.

Dispatcher: "We've got an infant that's been ejected from a car seat and has not been located at this time."

Dispatcher: "There is a missing infant."

Dispatcher: "The deputy is unsure, but possibly the infant is underneath the vehicle."

That is indeed where those cries were coming from. This is how those calls end.

Fire Chief: "We have extricated the child from underneath the vehicle."

Hospital officials are unable to release the conditions of the baby and the other child in the SUV from the hospital because of their ages.

The driver, Thomasena Brown, has been charged with several offenses. She has a court date later this month.