80-Year-Old Beaten Outside of Store Vows to Return

Bob Terry on Friday

Moneta, VA - Bob Terry hopes to slowly return to work after he was brutally beaten and left for dead outside of Terry's Country Corner Store.

He says the last thing he remembers the night of October 1 was rescue workers backing the ambulance up to the emergency door. When he woke up he was told every bone in his face was broken and would need to spend three weeks in the hospital.

Doctors plan on removing his metal cast next Tuesday.

"It's holding my cheek bones and my chin bones in place to make sure they heal properly," he says pointing to screws drilled into his face.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office is still looking for the attacker, wearing a hooded sweatshirt the night of the attack. Bob Terry says the suspect emerged from behind a dumpster, attacked him behind and stole his 38-caliber handgun and empty wallet.

"It was the worst beating I've seen in my 17 years in law enforcement," said Scott Arney, the lead investigator in the case.

Bob Terry's daughter-in-law never expected to see him again.

"Honestly, we thought he was going to die," said Kim Terry.

But Bob Terry left an impression on the small town of Moneta. They held vigils, raised reward money and volunteered to keep the store open while Terry continued to fight.

"You can't thank them enough," said Terry, expected to make a full recovery.

You could call Bob Terry's story a miracle. But he says, at just 80 years-old he simply has plenty of living left to do.

His family is asking for the community's help once again, to put whoever's responsible behind bars. Anyone with any information can contact the Bedford County Sheriff's Office at 540-586-4800.