8 Years Later: Tensions In Ferguson Recalls Lynchburg Protests

{}Lynchburg, VA - The week of protests and subsequent violence continues in Ferguson after the death of a black teen.

It's bringing to the forefront the conversation of race relationships not only in that city, but also right here in Lynchburg.

Almost 8 years ago, protests happened in the city after the death of Clarence Beard Jr.{}He was the Lynchburg man who died in Lynchburg Police custody. Two officers were accused of killing him, but an investigation found them not at fault.{}It sparked a debate about racial discrimination and race relations where then-mayor Joan Foster and other started study circles to discuss issues in the community."What I was hearing is that, we may need to sit down and talk, that there were some things left over from the sixties and from just living in the South during that period of time, that needed to be talked about and you know the situation that happened," said Foster.According to the city, the study circles still happen today.