7 Year Old With Rare Disease Throws Out First Pitch At Hillcats Game

Lynchburg, VA - A 7 year old boy from Gretna threw out the first pitch at Wednesday night's Lynchburg Hillcats game.He suffers from a rare disease. Perthes affects eight in every 100,000 children in the U.S. and Andrew Logwood is one of them.The disease cuts off blood circulation to Andrew's hip, making it painful and potentially even dangerous for him to walk on it. He was diagnosed in December of 2013. Up until then, he loved playing baseball, in fact his mom says, he had quite the swing.But, he's now relegated to a wheelchair.Wednesday he was offered the opportunity to throw out the first pitch and for a few moments, he was able to put some weight on his legs, and get that same feeling he had before his disease."He played the pitching mound and he could hit, I mean he was just all well rounded, he could do anything. Whatever the coach told him to do, he did it. It was great. He was the smallest one on the team, but he stayed up with the big boys" said Donna Logwood, Andrew's Mom.Andrew's disease will likely reverse itself in a couple of years. Doctors tell him when that happens he'll be able to get right back into the swing of things on the baseball field.