6-Year-Old Martinsville Girl Places Second in National Writing Contest

Martinsville, VA-- A six-year-old girl from Martinsville is being nationally recognized for her love of writing and drawing.

Bethany Gilbert entered into the PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest back in February. This week, she found out her book won second place in the kindergarten division. The theme of Bethany's book is all about being a good leader. The book beat out thousands of entries from all over the country, and her book will be published and aired on PBS as a movie.

"She's always loved to write and draw and color pictures ever since she was probably two or three-years-old," said Payton Gilbert, Bethany's dad.

Now year's later, six year-old Bethany Gilbert's writings and drawings have been praised by the PBS KIDS Go! Writers Contest.

"We watch PBS KIDS a whole lot and we had seen it advertised on online and we thought it would be something interesting and fun to do, an extra learning activity," said Jessica Gilbert, Bethany's mom.

Bethany wrote a book for the contest called, "I'm Like Abby."

"She said she wanted to write a story about her family," Jessica Gilbert said.

Abby is the biggest dog in their family and Bethany is the oldest sibling. One day Bethany noticed a trend about her younger siblings and the smaller dogs.

"It's about me and the dogs," Bethany said. "I'm the oldest and she (Abby) is the biggest. Whatever I want to do, they (her siblings) want to do, and whatever she (Abby) does, they (the smaller dogs) follow."

Bethany said the theme of the book is that older siblings should be good leaders, because they're examples to their younger siblings.

The book won her second place in her division. Which scored her a Kindle and earned her the title of author. Now, the book will be published and aired on TV as movie.

"I was pretty excited," said Bethany.

"She's going to push herself in whatever she does to try and do a good job at it," said Payton Gilbert.

"It had to be almost perfect and she took a lot of time," said Jessica said. "I'm very proud. I wish I could have done this when I was a child."

Bethany said she's definitely going to enter the contest again next year, but doesn't know what she's going to write about yet. She said she's also excited for her brother to enter the contest next year.

Click here to read her book.