49 Indicted in Major Halifax Co. Roundup

Halifax Co., VA - Forty-nine people have been indicted in what Halifax County officials are calling a major roundup.The Halifax Regional Narcotic and Gang Task Force has been investigating for the past year.On Tuesday, they executed the roundup and 49 people were indicted. Thirty-two were arrested.Out of the 17 still wanted, eight are not current Halifax residents. The charges range from distribution of controlled substances to possession of marijuana.Complete list of charges:{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{} 81=Distribution of Controlled Substances{}{}{}{}{}{} 24=Conspire to Distribute a Controlled Substances{}{}{}{}{}{} 16=Distribution of Marijuana{}{}{}{}{}{} 2=Conspire to Distribute Marijuana{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Manufacturing Marijuana{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Possession of Marijuana{}{}{}{}{}{} 4=Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Possession Ammunition by a Convicted Felon{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Felonious Possession of a Sawed-Off Shotgun{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Possession of Firearm while distribution of a controlled substance{}{}{}{}{}{} 4=Felony, Child Endangerment{}{}{}{}{}{} 1=Possession of a Controlled Substance{}