400 Reasons To Smile For 3 Local Residents After Year-Long Weight Loss Journey

Lynchburg, VA - What is the greatest accomplishment in your life?

It's a tough question to answer on the spot, but for three Lynchburg residents, there's 400 reasons why they may say it's Monday night.

The jubilation and cheers from family and friends as these three men and women walk across the stage showing off their newfound selves. It's an Extreme Weight Loss Makeover, Lynchburg style.

One year in the making and more than 400 pounds later.

"I remember just being on the floor crying and just saying I can't do this and the trainer saying you can do this," said Melody Hicks.

Last January, the 26-year-old Melody Hicks weighed 272 pounds. She says she wanted to shed her weight to be married one day and have a family, calling on Crosswhite Fitness for help and losing 111 pounds in the process.

"It's countless hours of workouts, cardio in the off days," said Ben Crosswhite. "The diet had been super strict."

She wasn't his only client attempting to lose weight. Joshua Wade was 539 pounds. ABC 13 News first brought you his story in November. Wade, also known as 'Bubba' told us then that where he was "going a couple of months ago, was a very short life and I love life."

Wade says he didn't think he would live past 30. Now, he's down to 326 pounds, planning to take off another 100 pounds before accomplishing his next feat.

"I want to train to do a marathon," said Wade. "I want to go from 539 to running a marathon. I honestly feel as though I can do anything I want."