40-Year-Old Diet Goes Mainstream

Roanoke, VA - An area dietitian is capitalizing on an old secret that has been gaining attention since an appearance on the "Dr. Oz Show" back in October 2012 called "carb cycling." It's a a diet that has been around about 40-years now. But it's just started to hit the mainstream -- after that Dr. Oz episode. The idea is that is you can lose weight and still eat a lot of the carbohydrates. Trainer Jeff Philips, founder of Lean Eats, swears by this diet. His Roanoke-based company caters to those interested. He explains the diet basically allows you to take in moderate carbohydrates one day, no carbs the next, and then plenty of carbs the third day, and then repeat the cycle. The best part, Philips says, is it works like the Atkins Diet in the sense that although exercise helps, there is none required."People can still have all their favorite foods: Wine, pizza, lasagna, ice cream, cookies - and they can do it in a very strategic way and they're still getting an Atkins (Diet) style of effect. They're still losing about 7 lbs a week drinking wine and eating pizza", said Philips. Philips says he has a number of clients with incredible results including one gentleman who lost 140-pounds in six months. He says another man actually reversed his Type-2 diabetes symptoms using this diet. Click here for more on Philip's suggestions.
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