4 Injured, 2 Young Girls Dead in Lexington Car Crash

Lexington, VA - We're learning more Monday about the victims in that deadly weekend crash in Lexington that took two very young lives and landed four others in the hospital.

The driver and front seat passenger were sisters. They are being treated at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

In the back seat were each of their daughters, just eight and four years old. Both children were killed in the accident.

ABC 13 spoke with a woman who heard the crash. Her home is just yards away from the crash site along the Route 11 bypass in Lexington. Seeing the mangled minivan Friday night was especially hard for her; she's a distant relative of the victims. Too upset, the woman asked we don't show her face or reveal her name. When the minivan hit the bridge, she and her son heard the impact.

"We heard this loud crash, and he hollered, 'call the police, call the police,'" said the neighbor and distant relative of the victims.

Her son rushed out to help. Witnesses say it was raining hard along Route 11 Friday night when the minivan with six people inside hit the pole under the bridge. Friends tell us they had just left a Relay for Life event.

"It had been raining. We had a lot of rain," said the neighbor and distant relative of the victims.

"We all grieve with the family," said Chief Al Thomas, Lexington Police Department.

Chief Al Thomas's police department is investigating the crash. Law enforcement says Route 11 is not a road known for accidents.

According to Lexington Police, the Honda minivan was traveling southbound on the Route 11 bypass when it crossed the center line and hit that bridge. Now, a memorial is set up at the crash site in honor of the victims.

Monday, relatives pulled over for a brief moment to pay their respects at the crash site. They were too filled with grief to speak with us on camera.

As police dig deeper into what happened here, all of Lexington has this family in their thoughts.

"I know they will get through this. We will get through this together," said Chief Thomas.

The driver is Ashley Baker, 36, of Lexington. The front seat passenger is Brookley Crowder, 26, of Waynesboro. Their daughters died in the crash.

There were two other juveniles in the car. One was released from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The other is in stable condition, as of Monday afternoon.