3rd Annual Morgan Harrington Memorial Tournament Tees Off

Roanoke Co., VA - Friends and family of murdered Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington gathered Friday for an annual fundraiser.

Organizers held the third annual Morgan Harrington Golf Tournament at Hanging Rock Golf Course in Roanoke County.

In all, 20 teams of four took to the links, which is the maximum number of players that could enter.

That's great news for the organizer, one of Morgan's friends, Erin Cole, who has made this tournament an ongoing endeavor in Morgan's memory.

"It gets harder every year, but we always have the core people that, it never gets old. There's new tragedies that happen, but this one is just as fresh for everybody so the continued support will always be there I feel," said Cole.

The goal is to raise $10,000.

So far, the money collected over the years has helped to build a school in Morgan's name in Africa.