3,000 Concerts and Charles Billingsley is Going Strong

Lynchburg, VA- A local musician is coming up on a big milestone this weekend. Charles Billingsley, the worship leader at Thomas Road Baptist Church, will sing at his 3,000th concert on Sunday.

It's a goal he's been working toward for a long time. He says he can't believe he's actually made it. And at only 42-years-old, now that he's made it this far, he thinks he has another 3,000 concerts left in him.

"These concerts are not about singing songs. It's about me communicating a message. And if I can communicate a message that's strong and powerful, it gives them something to do, something to remember, then I can walk out of there knowing I've done my job. But I can also walk out of there knowing these people were affected in a positive way," said Billingsley.

Charles Billingsley has been singing and leading worship almost his entire life. He started in high school, after a dare from friends, and just never really stopped. It's what he loves, and he's never even considered doing anything else.

"If I ever lose my voice, I'm in trouble. I have zero other skills," said Billingsley.

Something he jokes about now. But a couple years ago, it was a different story.

"I went through about three months there in my life when I couldn't sing at all," said Billingsley.

A polyp developed on his left vocal fold... a singer's worst nightmare.

"And I was really freaked out at that point. Because I didn't know what I was going to do," said Billingsley.

But after surgery, prayer, and support from friends and family at TRBC, those famous pipes were back to normal.

"It's not often someone can say they make a living doing what they absolutely love to do," said Billingsley.

And he credits a lot of that love to Thomas Road. It's a place he calls home, filled with people he calls family.

"I love my people, and my people love me back," said Billingsley.

Even though Billingsley has roots at T-R-B-C, he still spends about 80 days a year on the road. His 3,000th concert will be right in Lynchburg. It's Sunday night at six at Thomas Road Baptist Church.