280 New Apartments Heading To Timberlake Road In Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - 280 new apartments are headed to Timberlake Road in Lynchburg. City Council Tuesday night approved rezoning parcels along the road to accommodate the massive new complex.Traffic along Timberlake Road is already busy. But now, throw in a few hundred more drivers, right across the street from the Kroger shopping center.That's where builders are looking to put 280 new apartments, complete with a clubhouse, pool, and parking lots. Previously, the land was zoned as low-density single family. Council approved rezoning parcels to accommodate the complex.The vote didn't come easy though. It followed hours of discussion and a public hearing where residents from the adjacent, Windsor Hills neighborhood voiced their concerns about a proposed road in the project that would take traffic out from the apartment complex onto Buckingham Drive, a small residential street."It's a very narrow road. It's not going to be able to hold all this traffic. It takes us five minutes now to get to Kroger all this traffic comes out; it's going to take us five hours to get to Kroger," said one woman."And the concerns that we heard tonight and at the meeting and from before with all the emails that we've gotten from the neighbors has been on this connection," said City Councilman, Jeff Helgeson.The issue though was ultimately resolved. The builder agreed to eliminate that road from his plans. There was concern among council over traffic flow through the property though; they voted to leave the option open to one day build another access road.Construction is set to start on the apartment complex, this October.