24th Battalion Commander Patrick Tweedy Honored in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - About 100 people attended a retirement ceremony Saturday for Commander Patrick Tweedy from the Virginia Defense Force.

Tweedy was the commander of the 24th Battalion based in Lynchburg.

Saturday's event capped off a very long career with the 24th Battalion.

For 19 years Commander Tweedy has served the Lynchburg Virginia Defense Force.

Tweedy is also retired from the Air Force.

In addition, he says he was the Scout Master of a Boy Scout Troop for ten years.

Tweedy says he has served his area for this long because he enjoys helping his Central Virginia community.

Most recently, his battalion was called in to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Tweedy says his tenure has been rewarding, with lots of memories.

Despite his numerous experiences, Tweedy says nothing has been more special to him than the people he has worked with.

"Just being the commander of the battalion here, such a great bunch of volunteers I could ask them to do anything and they were always willing to come help and do it. That overall is the best thing, just having great volunteers," Commander Tweedy said.

Many also recognize Commander Tweedy as a member and former Chairman of the Campbell County Planning Commission.