22nd District Seat Up for Grabs

Lynchburg, VA - In the race for the House seat in the 22nd District, Republican Incumbent Kathy Byron and Democrat Katie Webb Cyphert have been out canvassing all day.

Both women started their day at 5 a.m., visiting the more than 20 precincts in their district.

The district covers some of Lynchburg, Campbell County, Bedford County and parts of Franklin County.

Both cast their vote at 6 a.m., as soon as the polls opened.

"I am just looking out for the people of the 22nd district and I've gotten frustrated with the fact that we haven't had a choice in so long. I'm hoping that people are responding to that and this is really about our local schools, our local services, our roads that have to get improved and I'm hoping people are looking at the issues. I think it's been a good discussion," said Cyphert.

"They should vote Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain, Byron and the reason for that is the next four years are very critical in Richmond at the Governor's Mansion and the reason they vote for us is less Government, conservative voice, standing up for everyone's values and jobs and the economy," Byron said.

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