2013 Season of the Cicada is Almost Over

Lynchburg, VA - Cicadas have been out there, making a lot of noise for weeks now. But they're almost gone! The only problem is, they're not leaving quietly.

They're loudest late in the morning, right around 9-10 a.m.

But even when we headed out Friday afternoon, it was hard for us to escape the booming buzz of the 2013 cicada.

"It's pretty loud at first I really didn't know what it was" said one woman.

"I'm kind of happy that it's not as loud as it was before because I've been trying to study a lot" she added.

And all that noise that we've had to put up with lately will continue to quiet. Entomologists estimate the sound will completely taper off with the next week or so.

But just to prove a point, we wanted to see how loud these suckers still are.

In the backyard of an apartment complex in Campbell County a decibel reading device measured the sound of the cicadas in the low 60s. The highest we peaked at was around 65, or the volume of normal conversation.

"That particular day, they seemed to be louder than they had been before" said Ed Bolen.

Bolen recorded the cicadas chiming in at 68 decibels in his back yard. That's almost as loud as a lawnmower.

Bolen has only one way of describing the sound, "Very annoying, very annoying. And you can hear them in the house with all the windows closed and the air conditioning running" he said.

Good news is we've got about a week left of the singing cicadas.

But for the time being, they're still everywhere. Keep in mind though; cicadas incubation period takes years, so it'll likely be more than a decade before we see them again.