2002 NBA Early Entry Draft Candidate Lenny Cooke Visits PHCC

Martinsville, VA - Lenny Cooke, once anearly entry candidate in the 2002 NBA Draft, visited student athletes atPatrick Henry Community College on March 13 to tell his story about why henever made it to the league.

Back in 2001, while still inhigh school, Cooke shared the basketball court with professional players likeChris Bosh and LeBron James before their stardom.

Cooke said because of hismistakes, he never made it to the NBA.

"I wish I would've listened to mycoaches while I was in school I should've used what they said to bettermyself, and I didn't," he told PHCC students.

His story is out on the bigscreen in the documentary "Lenny Cooke Movie."

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