200 Runners To Take On Dirty Dan Dash in Danville

Danville, VA - Danville's messiest and most challenging race is back.

Around 200 people from across the region will be taking on the Dirty Dan Dash Mud Run on Saturday.

The 3.7 mile race is sponsored by Danville Regional Medical Center and put on by Danville Parks and Recreation.

Organizers have been setting up all the mud and obstacles this week. This year the race is even muddier and more challenging.

"Our tag line is from the streets to the creeks," said Russell Carter, Communications Specialist,for Danville Parks and Recreation. "We run on the road in the River District. We go across the Riverwalk Trail, we go up in the woods to Dan Daniel Park. We've got about 20 obstacles, we've got mud pits, we've got some walls, we've got some ropes you've got to climb."

Children can also take part in the Dirty Dan Dash for free. They have the opportunity to race through a mud pit at 12:30 p.m. before the big race starts at 1 p.m.