2 Year Old Found Wandering Alone Outside Day Care

Lynchburg, VA - A terribly frightening thing for any parent; to find out through police, that your two year old was wandering alone outside, when you thought he was at his daycare.

That happened to a mother in Lynchburg.

Stephanie Webb said every day her son spent at the CAYA day care on 12th street, she felt she was leaving him with professionals; people who wouldn't dare let a toddler out of site, even for a second.

But on Friday, she discovered otherwise, and now, she wants answers.

Little Mychael Webb just turned two. He can barely speak or walk.

But his Mother says he managed to do all this, "My son had been wandering around in the area, in the parking lot of the day care, unattended, without a coat or any shoes on, and they don't know how long he had been out there" said Stephanie Webb.

All, just feet from a busy intersection.

According to his mother, little two year old Michael got about 50 feet away from the day care facility and was standing in a driveway right up against Kemper Street, when a driver she says saw him standing there, stopped, and called police.

"It was the worst feeling in the world. I mean all I can picture was him gone. It was the worst feeling. It was a nightmare. I never want to experience it again" said Webb.

As for the day care, The CAYA Child Development Center, the owner did not want to comment but did confirm, as did Lynchburg police, that the Department of Social Services is conducting an investigation.

Webb says, when she arrived on Friday, no one, no day care staff or police, knew how her son wound up outside, or for how long he was there.

"You guys are trained professionals. I know accidents happen, but something as big as that? It's carelessness" she said.

And for $80 a week, the least Webb was expecting out of her day care service was for little Mychael to be kept safe.

"I just think that when you drop your kid off at day care that you make sure that you're putting them in the right hands" she said.

Any charges are pending further investigation.

But, according to the Virginia Department of Social Services website, the CAYA day care facility, as recently as February 25th, was in violation of having too many children, under the care of not enough adult supervision.