Campbell County Toddler Hit by Car, Recovering at Home

Campbell Co., VA - A 2-year-old Campbell County boy is back home after he was hit by a car right next to his driveway Tuesday night on Seminole Lane in Evington.

State Police say it happened just after 5 p.m. His mother says her child, along with nine other kids, were playing in the street when the accident happened. Hers was the only one hit.

"I saw him go underneath the car and he looked like a bouncy ball going underneath the car," said mother Summer Decker. "When I saw that I just knew I was going to lose my baby. I didn't want to lose him."

Decker holds on tightly to her little boy, thankful he is still alive.

"I was standing here watching all the kids play and my son was approx. right here," said Decker.

That is when Decker says a man who was visiting his parents in this mobile home park drove out of the development and hit little Andres.

"We usually don't let the kids come outside and play and the day we do, something happens," said Decker. "He could have missed my kid and swerved around him."

Andres is home recovering.

"He has it on his face and the back of his ear," said Decker.

Lots of scrapes, but luckily no broken bones. During our interview a man, who only identified himself as the father of the man who hit the child showed up.

"I guess he hit the little boy. he said he didn't see him, I mean, I don't know," said the man.

He appeared to be very apologetic on behalf of his son.

"Is there anything I can do for you? Is there anything you need?" Asked the man.

Decker and her family are ready for things to return to normal. But they are looking for justice in the incident.

"He didn't say sorry, he didn't say oh is he okay, can I help you? anything. He just got back in his car and left like it wasn't nothing," said Decker.

He hasn't made no attempt to see how he's doing, nothing at all," said Aunt Sarah Parada.

We asked the mother about why her child was in the road. She said not many people drive through the development since it mirrors a cul de sac. She says people typically drive 10 miles per hour down it, so she did not think she needed to worry.

State Police say no charges will be placed against the driver.