150 Years For Bedford Co. Family Funeral Business

Oliver Luther Updike Building Casket

Bedford Co., VA - For 150 years a Bedford County family has been dedicated to helping other families in their times of need. The business that would become Updike Funeral Home started in 1864 when furniture maker Nathaniel Updike was asked to build a casket.

Updike would use a stick to measure the deceased.

Katrina Nester, a fifth generation Updike, now runs the business with Tim Murphy. Murphy's father went into business with Nester's family in 1959.

Nester says plans would sometimes have to be changed because of the nature of her family's work.

"When you get older your sights change and you realize that you're in a business to help people and comfort people," said Nester. "When that's all you've ever known, it just seems like the right thing to do."

Both Nester and Murphy have worked for Updike since 1979.