15 Years Later Alicia Showalter Reynolds Case Remains Unsolved

Alicia Showalter Reynolds

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr l Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Amherst Co., VA - On March 2, 1996, Alicia Showalter Reynolds disappeared on her way to a shopping trip in Culpeper County.

Fifteen years later, her murder remains unsolved and still haunts people who live along U.S. Route 29.

State Police still have a full-time investigator working the case and say they're one phone call away from solving this mystery.

Her body was discovered two months after her murder in a wooded area 15 miles away.

Witnesses reported seeing her talking to a man in a dark-colored pick-up around the time she disappeared. That man and pick-up still haunt Central Virginia today.

"A large dark pick-up truck. And he appears to be in distress," said Maureen Godsy.

About two dozen other women described a similar man trying to lure them to the side of the road. Law enforcement up and down U.S. Route 29 remember being on high alert.

"I remember there was a heightened state of awareness around. There was a lot of communication from the state police to local departments about what information they had on her. Citizens were concerned and upset. We received a number of calls," said Captain Duvall Doss, Amherst County Sheriff's Office.

But those calls never panned out. Virginia state police say there's not enough evidence to charge longtime suspect, Darrell Rice, in the killing.

So, Alicia Reynolds' murder remains unsolved and women who still drive the route she took, can't seem to forget.

"Even if the police stopped me, I would just open my window this much. I wouldn't let a policeman near me," said Anna Vistian.

A sense of security for some, that's still broken.

"Always vigilant now. Especially hearing from other how many women did disappear this way," said Godsy.

Virginia State Police have followed more than 10,000 tips.

Darrell Rice, the former suspect is scheduled to be released from prison next month. He was being held for a separate case, convicted of violating his probation.

Anyone with information pertaining to the abduction and murder of Alicia Showalter Reynolds is asked to contact the Virginia State Police Culpeper Division at 1-800-572-2260, or the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 1-888-300-0156 or by email at