Update on 12-Year-Old's Condition After He Was Hit by Car

Elisha Kahlich, Picture From Parents' Facebook

Update Monday, August 13:

Lynchburg, Va. - We are following the recovery of a Lynchburg boy hit by a car while on his bike.

Twelve-year-old Elisha Kahlich is doing better every day.

His mother says he is continuing to move a little at a time and has been softly squeezing their hands when they ask him to.

And she says Elisha has already surprised his doctors with eye movement and breathing on his own for most of the day Sunday.

Elisha was hit a week ago on Oak Ridge Drive after he popped over a hill.

This is video from iWitness viewer Tim Thomas.

The driver will not be charged.

Update Wednesday:

Lynchburg, VA - Elisha Kahlich had a slight setback after his lung collapsed. His mother says he recovered from that and is now breathing fine on his own.

She says he is, "back on track to healing."

Elisha also had a portion of his skull removed, but he is recovering well from that also.

Elisha was riding his bike Sunday afternoon when he popped over a hill on Memorial Avenue and was hit by a car.

The driver of that car will not be charged.


Lynchburg, VA - The 12-year-old boy hit by a car while he was out riding his bike is in stable condition Monday.

Elisha Kahlich of Lynchburg is in a medically induced coma at UVA hospital in Charlottesville. There's hope, after his brain swelling has gone down and there is no bleeding.

Kahlich was riding his bike with friends Sunday evening. That's when he took a hill too fast, popped out on Oakridge Boulevard and got hit by a car. No charges will be filed against the driver.

Kahlich's pastor from Brentwood Church, Jon Dupin, has pastored Elisha Kahlich's family for three years. He spent all night with them in the hospital. In weak moments, he says support is best.

"I think it's just being there. That's the most important thing - being with somebody," he said.

At 7:44 p.m. Sunday, Kahlich was riding his bike with friends in a private parking lot. On the 100 block of Oakridge Boulevard, a Lynchburg driver hit Kahlich. He was rushed to Lynchburg General Hospital, then flown to UVA.

"To the EMTs, to Lynchburg General to a helicopter flight to UVA. It was sort of wow, this is serious," said Dupin.

Word of the accident spread to the church community through social media. Prayer, and support poured out.

"Who he is. Is this something he can get through?" we asked.

"I believe so. If he is strong enough in his will, and I believe his body is strong enough," said Dupin.

Kahlich sits in a medically induced coma. Friends tell us his mom and stepdad remain strong.

"The attitude among the two of them, that is contagious, is peace," said Dupin.

The family has insurance. Still, help is needed. If you want to know how to help with food or money, there are several options:

1. Contact by email:

2. A fund in Elisha Kahlich's name has been set up at the nine First National Bank branches in our area.

3. Kahlich's dad, Nate, works at Accutemp Heating and Cooling. The company set up a fund through their Facebook page using PayPal where you can donate online.