100 Mile Challenge Kicks Off in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Can you walk 100 miles by September 30?

Live Healthy Lynchburg thinks you can. Wednesday the city kicked off the 100 mile challenge.

They're encouraging businesses, groups, and individuals to walk or run 100 miles or more during the weeks leading up to the Virginia 10 miler.

Former Mayor Joan Foster and other officials spoke at the kickoff to help get people excited. They say anyone can complete this challenge.

"It's an easy number to keep in mind, it's fun easy number to aim for and really anybody can achieve a 100 miles in the span we are promoting this campaign," said Leslie Hoglund, senior health educator for the Lynchburg Health Department.

The miles must be outside your normal activity.

If you want to get these miles in at the gym, you can only count those on the treadmill.

Register for the challenge here.