Chatham Residents Speak Out About Tractor Trailers on Climax Road

Chatham, VA - Arlene Pilcer has enjoyed living on Climax Road for 18 years. She says there's just one problem: tractor trailers barreling down the road as early as 4 a.m.

"It's just menacing and it's creating a disturbance in our peace, " Pilcer said.
Pilcer says those noisy tractor trailers are tearing up the roads and making her feel unsafe in her own yard.
"Would you want to live on a freeway? On a highway? That's not what we bought into 18 years ago, " Pilcer said.
Down the road, Lori Humston says it's become almost too dangerous for her daughter to wait at the bus stop.
She fought to get a sign put up to warn oncoming truckers, but she says it's not enough.
"We have to come all the way back because sometimes they veer off the road and it's a safety issue. One mistake and my daughter could get hit, " Humston said.
According to Pilcer, the problems began when Climax Road was added to GPS maps two years ago.
Now, 100 Climax Road residents have signed a petition to get a "no thru trucks" sign placed on the road.
Town Treasurer Tim Hammell says the solution won't be easy. One idea for redirecting the trucks would send them right through downtown Chatham, which Hammell says could cause congestion and accidents.
It will be up to the Board of Supervisors and VDOT to make the final call.
"We're looking for a good solution that will be amicable to everyone, " Hammell said.

The Board of Supervisors will meet Monday night to decide whether to ask VDOT for a truck restriction.
A group of concerned residents will hold a public meeting of their own April 16th at the Climax Fire Department.

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