" Loosely Strung" Tennis - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Lynchburg - Today's Team of the Week is a Lynchburg women's tennis team with a great name, "Loosely Strung."

This 4.0 level women's team has won the Lynchburg League title, Virginia District championship and the Mid-Atlantic Sectional. Now this group from little old Lynchburg, that also includes former E.C. Glass star Sydney Moon, advances to the National Championship in October in Tucson, Arizona.

Henrietta Ellison, TEAM CO-CAPTAIN, said "People at districts and sectionals were wondering Lynchburg? And we said yes, Lynchburg. Why not us?"

Ygondine Creasy, "LOOSELY STRUNG" TEAM MEMBER, said "I love the personalities of every single person on this team. We all get along beautifully, we have a great time being with each other but particularly playing the sport with each other. And we look forward to doing that as much as we can."